The customer is always right

People love to buy, but they hate to feel sold. The new reality of buying stuff includes online research, so the importance of accurate product information is paramount. Hubba keeps all of your product information up to date and correct in one place so when a customer absorbs your data from the retailer's site they will get everything they need to make the “right” decision.

I'm a brand owner

Remember those “Friends Don't Let Friends Keep Outdated Product Information” PSAs from the 80's? Well, we do, and we took them to heart. We believe in positive peer pressure, so Hubba suggests connections to important people from our network in your industry. At the same time keeping all of your product information accurate and sharable with access to our automated product listing sheets for working with companies like Walmart and Target.

I'm a retailer

For retailers, Hubba is your unfair advantage over the competition. Why you ask? Through Hubba's product discovery platform you get to instantly discover the hottest new products and industry news. Hubba stores all of your vendor's products at your fingertips. All the lifestyle images, product descriptions, features and benefits you could ever ask for. Now, you can better equip your team with content and drive more sales. On top of this, Hubba offers opportunities to shine professionally through contributed content that spotlights you as a thought leader to the entire Hubba community.

“As we develop and implement our sales and distribution strategy in the US, Canada and globally, we found Hubba to be the perfect, easy to use platform to store our content and share it with one click with current and potential partners. It makes a big difference when you have to update the assets only once and everyone can see an instant change.”
Yulia Zimmerman
Business Development Manager at Petcube
From sign-up to sharing in minutes

The hardest thing about Hubba is deciding your password

The magic of Hubba is that is there is no learning curve. We designed Hubba as a platform that doesn’t take you away from your daily responsibilities. Hubba takes minutes to get up and running and even less time to realize its value.

Create beautiful product profiles in the same time it takes to get a well packaged Barbie out of her box.

Creating product pages are as simple as setting up a personal profile on that big blue social network. Updating your products are easy too and just like that other network designed for keeping tabs on lost loves, Hubba lets all your hand selected contacts know when you add new products or update existing ones.

Built for business.

Designed for you.

Hubba is for product marketers, sales reps, E-Commerce managers, buyers, digital asset managers, brand managers and anyone who has and owns products. Basically people, looking for other people to connect with other industry experts, people on their own team or a great new business opportunity like working with a retailer, launch a product or build some brand awareness.

From sign-up to sharing in minutes.

Your contacts are waiting for you.