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Clingless Curtain Keeper is a patent-pending solution to shower curtain cling that creates up to 25% more showering space. Clingless won ...
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About ClinglessInventor Charles Mason came up with the idea for Clingless Curtain Keeper after a 40′ fall. After the fall, Charles would take a hot shower in the morning to loosen up his muscles. Upon returning from physical rehab, he would take a cold shower to reduce the swelling.With this much time in the shower and regardless of the shower being hot or cold, Charles’ frustration with conventional shower curtains grew. The curtain would cling, blow inward, and generally took up space. Clingless was born because Charles couldn’t deal with this frustration any more.He knew a solution would need to be under a $15 price point and would need to work on various curtains, any bathtub, different environments, etc. After a few attempts solving this from the shower rod, but realizing that shower rods vary greatly, he had an AHA moment and something said, “Flip it on it’s head! Solve where the actual problem is, on the bottom.”Curtain Keeper gives back 25% more shower space, solves the shower liner from blowing inward, reduces water from splashing outward, helps keeps warm air in and the cold air out, and much more. It also snaps into place easily and quickly with no tools required and offers a versatile and design-friendly aesthetic. We went from idea to manufactured with sales in less than a year.We are working on furthering retail sales, expanding the consumer product line and R&D for a commercial line of products.                              Interested? Let's Talk!

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